I haven't updated the blog in awhile, but that doesn't mean things aren't busy here in the lab. I recently did a video project for Tokyo Hackerspace on a guide to Akihabara . Surprisingly enough, it made the rounds on HackaDay , Make , Slashdot , and Engadget . It was pretty crazy and I completely didn't expect that kind of response. It just shows that there isn't a lot of information on what really goes on in the back streets of Akihabara. Most of the shops are pretty hard to find and I get so many requests for a tour of Akihabara that we decided to do the video.

It originally started as a way to help other hackerspace members find components for projects that they're working on, but I'm glad that there was such a good response globally. The best thing that can come out of the project is that there will be more awareness about Akihabara and the small shops will be able to do more business. The area is such a treasure chest, but has been neglected in recent years with all of the big box consumer electronics stores that have been popping up. However there's still a hard core fan base for the shops in the area and with a global audience, I hope that the number and variety of shops can increase.

Here's a couple of press clippings and a shot at Patrick (the cameraman's) head. There have also been some complaints that we moved too fast through all the products but most of the shops don't allow photography so we had to do it guerilla style in order to get the footage.

Here's a picture I took of Patrick's head as he was setting up:

And here's some press clippings:



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