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Written by Akiba   
Wednesday, 02 October 2013

I received an unexpected surge in orders for the Freakduino 900 MHz Long Range Wireless boards due to mention on the Make Magazine site and also in various news outlets . I didn't plan a large initial run for these boards since I figured that they would mostly appeal to wireless sensor network enthusiasts. The interest was greater than I expected and the boards sold out quickly.

I'm now working with quick turn PCB houses to get 24-hour turnaround on the printed circuit boards which are the main bottleneck. I just got confirmation on another batch of boards which will arrive over the weekend and will ship out next week. The quick turn boards are only allowed green solder masks rather than the original black, but they'll be functionally identical. Thanks for your patience and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that there's interest in a board like this. Thanks for all your support!

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written by Rick Knowles, October 03, 2013
Well done - these are great boards (I only bought two, wish I had bought more). Also noticed a significant range difference even indoors over the 2.4GHz boards, with getting from one end of the house to the other not possible in neighbourhood loaded with home wlans. After switching to the 900Mhz freakduinos and the home wlan to 802.11a everything all of a sudden stopped being nearly as glitchy.

Highly recommend these if you have trouble with range. But you cant really go wrong with anything in the freaklabs store, because everything Akiba makes is better than it says on the tin.
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written by Akiba, October 04, 2013
Thanks Rick! I'm blushing right now smilies/smiley.gif
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