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Written by Akiba   
Friday, 22 February 2008

Everyone used to make fun of me because I had such a weird blog name...oxbeef. Its defunct now and I haven't posted to it for a long time but everyone used to chuckle when I told them my blog address.
Well, now I feel validated. I ran across a site by a company called Zigbeef where they use RFID and Zigbee to track cattle herds.

I think its a good application of Zigbee, since RFID and Zigbee match well. Zigbee can be used for long(er) distance communication using router hops, while RFID can be used for short distance contactless communication. And on top of that, high tech cattle herding is kind of cool. Here's a link for more of the article:


By the way, the reason I named my site oxbeef is because when you're writing embedded code, there are only a few test strings you can make in hex that make sense...0xBEEF, 0xBABE, 0xDEAD, 0xB00B

Since I didn't want to call myself 0xB00B or 0xBABE, I thought 0xBEEF would be a clever name for an embedded blog. Apparently I was the only one that thought so. 


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written by Tally, June 25, 2009
Oxbeef is indeed a cool name smilies/smiley.gif
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