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Written by Akiba   
Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Tokyo Hackerspace site is offline at the moment due to a tremendous surge in traffic. The members with IT expertise are working on it now. In the meantime, if you want to send material donations, you can send them to us at the hackerspace and we can box them up into care packages and have runners distribute them to the local drop points for relief efforts. Here is a list of what's needed, compiled from various organizations and also hackerspace members. We deliberately trimmed items that are heavy due to international shipping costs.

The address to ship material donations to is:

Tokyo Hackerspace
Tokyo-to Minato-ku
Shirokanedai 5-11-11

  • Ear plugs
  • earphones
  • eye masks
  • baby bottles
  • powdered baby formula
  • energy bars
  • portable water tanks (collapsible)
  • portable water filters
  • paper cups
  • lanterns
  • first aid kit
  • dust masks
  • soaps
  • towels
  • blankets
  • gloves
  • flash lights
  • slippers
  • candles
  • lighters
  • pocket knives
  • trash bags
  • aspirin/ibuprofen
  • pain killers
  • sanitizing gel
  • paper plates/cups/spoons/forks/chopsticks
  • Nappies
  • Moist wipes
  • Warm Jackets - Baby/kids/adult
  • Toys
  • Dry goods
  • Kids activity books
  • Kids coloring books

Thanks for the huge amount of support and encouragement that we're getting internationally.



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package came back - could not be delivered
written by Kata, July 09, 2011
I sent you a package with some survival equipment (like a floatable water tank and some of the other things you wrote) to the address above already in march,
immediately after you published this site, in order to enable quick help. now in july the post sent the package back to me, saying they could not deliver to this address. did something go wrong? however i think you do not need these things any more now.
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written by Akiba, July 10, 2011
Hi Kata.
I'm not sure what happened, but most likely, nobody was at the space when the post office tried to deliver it. At that time, we were in and out of the space a lot and many members had left the country while the nuclear crisis was happening. The post office will only try to deliver once and then leave a note if its not received. If the package isn't picked up in 3 weeks, then its usually returned to sender. I guess the note got misplaced in all the chaos. I'm really sorry about that.
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Donations in Japan Needed
Mar 17 2011 15:08:56
This thread discusses the Content article: Donations in Japan Needed

Great work with the lanterns! You and the folks at the Tokyo Hacker Space are doing wonderful things.

I stumbled across this the other night. I do not know how applicable or necessary an ion detector like this would be but thought I'd pass it along being it would be easy to construct and cheap:


Re:Donations in Japan Needed
Mar 18 2011 13:56:12
Oh, thats some good stuff. However we're collaborating with SEEED studio and a bunch of others on the geiger counter. I think it should be quite do-able and fun. And everyone can potentially measure their background radiation. Seeing a heat map of background radiation distribution internationally could be very interesting

Here's the link to the SEEED studio project:

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